All bout Yoan Ante and everything he finds interesting

Things you learn the hard way as a man.


If you’re going to fast for any reason and you want to go for more than one day. Stay away from food for the first 2 days. The first time I tried fasting I lasted one whole day until the smell of delicious creole chicken caught my nose. A little bite turned into more than all the food I would have eaten all day. This time I’m on day 3 of no food only water and some lemonade on occasion and I feel like I can go on forever.


Don’t bother trying to get any work done on the last week of the year. It’s just not going to happen.


When moving a 4000 pound safe.
Prepare well ahead of time so that you don’t end up breaking walls, furniture and cracking floors thinking you can do it all one hour prior to the move.
Cracked tiles and broken floor
Ruined jewelry showcase.

When someone tells you not to touch a magnetic floating globe don’t touch it!
You’ll spend hours trying to get it to float again.
Globe not floating

Never cook bacon with out a shirt.
The grease will splatter and pop and burn your chest.
Cooking baconFirst splat of grease
Feeling the burn


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