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I’m reading Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 3rd Edition I wouldn’t really call myself an absolute beginner however the author does go over some interesting topics that I haven’t really dived into in the past such as graphics in Python. Graphics in Python is not much different than graphics in Java I just haven’t found a good IDE that lets you drag and drop graphics objects like I have set up with Java. However, I’m sure there is some sort of neat Python plugging for Eclipse IDE somewhere out there I just haven’t really looked very hard. The book has really cool examples and it is really easy to follow along.

I’m only into chapter 6 so far but I will update this page as I approach the end with some more reviews. As of now I can comfortably recommend this book to anyone from a first year highschool student to a pro that has been developing in other languages for years (although not as highly for someone with extensive programming experience). The books gets into the details of the language with out being boring and even more importantly it makes you want to continue reading so you can tackle new topics.

Here is a links to all the programming stuff I’m up to.

Playing With Collatz Conjecture Using Python


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