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Medication is not the end all be all to life’s ills.

Drugs are not the answer to lifes problems. I thought I had ADD at one point in my life. What I didn’t realize is that ADD does not have any one way of testing for it. There is no blood test, no urine test, no brain scan that can show ADD. Its not like cancer or heart disease where you say oh sure well there it is look at that lump or look at that clogged artery.

With ADD there are symptoms of a further underlying problem. With me it took sometime to figure out what it was but I discovered it was sleep apnea that created these symptoms of inattention.

Before this discovery I had gone to a psychiatrist that prescribed several types of medication to see which one worked best for me. Let me tell that they all made me a bit crazy and didn’t really solve the underlying problem. He never tried to figure why I had ADD he just said that I had it. If we would have dug a bit deeper, if he would have asked how I felt when I woke up or if I had a hard time getting out of bed maybe he would have seen that my problem was sleep related and nothing to do with some made up “disease”.

Many of these psychiatric conditions are made up definitions by a group of psychiatrist that have no real idea of what these things are. What is a personality disorder anyway? This is a Western thing that can be sorted out if we stop being so self centered, greedy, selfish and actually look within ourselves for answers. There is no magic pill that will make everything better. We only have ourselves and our spirituality to guide us into a path of peace and happiness.

You can be atheist and be spiritual I don’t want to make this a religious rant but what I recommend is just to look outside of the neat little boxes they build for us to find the answers that we seek.