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What’s with all these fake politicians and the herds that follow them to the slaughter house?

So I’ve been watching the RNC Convention on youtube since it has been a pretty slow day at work and can’t help but notice all the support for a presidential candidate that is essentially identical to the president that we have in office right now.

The truth is that both parties and their elected members fail to educate the people on some of those most basics things that we as Americans should know.

First and foremost the biggest problem that this nation faces is the private bank that is the Federal Reserve. The banking system works in a very corrupt way. As a bank I can loan money that I do not have at interest. I can then earn money on that interest for essentially doing nothing more than pushing a few key strokes. If you never pay me the ‘loan’ that I made to you everything is all good and well because then I can just keep whatever collateral you put up for that loan therefore I essentially get something for nothing.

Until this issue is addressed we will never see real improvement in this country. That is the reason why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Another day I will talk about why the US borrows money when it can just as well print money and never have to pay interest on it.

I recommend the excellent book by Ron Paul titled End The Fed